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Where's the RSS option in in OS X Mountain Lion?

15 Nov 2012

Last year I tried to upgrade from Snow Leopard (10.6) to Lion (10.7), and I HATED it. So much so that I wrote a scathing blog post about.

A few weeks ago after hearing that Mountain Lion (10.8) would be the last version to support directly upgrading from Snow Leopard (10.6) I decided to take the plunge and give Mountain Lion a try. If worse came to worse at least I'd be able to downgrade back to Snow Leopard again...

I have to say, so far I'm actually quite liking Mountain Lion. I had to go and get Total Spaces to get the control over my virtual desktops that I want, but other than that my experience with 10.8 has been really good so far.

Today, however, I noticed that my RSS feeds that normally show up in weren't there. "Strange" I thought, maybe they needed to be re-added after the upgrade. But to my dismay I found out that Apple has indeed discontinued RSS support in Mountain Lion...

At least they were nice enough to leave them in the Info.plist file so that you can get them back through a little terminal magic.

I guess I can live with having to run Google Reader in a Fluid Site Specific Browser (just 'cause Google Reader is awesome), but I sure am going to miss my daily photo blogs showing up inline with my mail every day.

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